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Pastor Randy Ensey

Living Way Church

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SFC Enchilada Dinner

Enjoy a wonderful enchilada dinner with us and support Sheaves for Christ on Friday, August 5, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Children's Revival

Living Way Church welcomes Rev. Donnie Sheerin August 19–21 for revival services and teacher training

Into His Marvelous Light

Invest an hour of your time in God’s Word and discover the great plan He desires to bring about in your life


In a landmark service on January 3, Pastor Ensey introduced to Living Way Church our 2016 theme of “Forevermore.”  More than merely affirming the truth of eternity, “forevermore” speaks to what we are to do and what God is doing.  We work “for evermore,” reaching souls and helping them to prepare for eternity.  God works “forever more,” continually exceeding what we ask and think as He leads us into the fullness of His Spirit. 

2015 Sheaves for Christ Offering

Sheaves for Christ is an annual campaign of the General Youth Division funding missions and ministries that reach the helpless, hurting, and lost throughout the United States and the world.  True to our 2015 theme of “More Beyond,” Living Way Church has reached beyond our 2014 offering of $105,891.01 and sacrificially given $125,242.65 to SFC 2015, the largest church offering for the second year in a row and another all-time record.  To God be the glory!

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